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Judy Tyler

Miss January 1966

January 31, 1966
December 24, 1947
Los Angeles CA USA
5' 3"
100 lbs
Spending most of her life under the hot Californian sun, our busty Miss January 1966 has a plethora of activities she loves to do and lucky for you, modeling is one of them. “I like to horseback ride, swim, surf and ride motorcycles,” says Judy Tyler from Granada Hills. “My only regret is that, the climate being what it is, I haven't had much of a crack at the winter sports.” Winter sports may not be in the petite redhead’s repertoire, but she does love to work it on the dancefloor, a passion her parents witnessed bloom early on, when she wasn’t enjoying the great outdoors. “I was four years old, and been taking tap dancing lessons and my folks thought I could be another Shirley Temple,” explains our all-natural Playmate of the Month with toned, dancer’s legs. “They took me around to the casting offices and, as luck would have it, landed me a part as the daughter of Ida Lupino and Frank Lovejoy in a movie called The Difference, I remember having a number of great dramatic lines like, 'Good night, Daddy.' It looked as though I was on my way. Then we went to the preview. The first thing we discovered was that the title had been changed to The Hitch-Hiker; then it became very obvious that the plot had been radically altered and, worst of all, little Judy was nowhere to be seen. As they say, I'd been left on the cutting-room floor. End of my Hollywood career.” Hollywood may not know exactly what they lost in Judy, but Playboy wasn’t about to repeat their mistake. “I love being a Playmate because I think Playboy is an intellectually stimulating magazine. Of course, I also love modeling and the attention,” giggles our Miss January 1966. “Dancing will always be part of my life. I’d like to be a dance instructor. Dancing is just as much fun as horseback riding and a lot more exercise.” Move to the beat with Playmate Judy Tyler, right here on Playboy.