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Coed Girls

Jennifer Lynn (coed)

November 01, 2002
April 16, 1986
Maryland USA USA
When it comes to the economy and finances, many people turn a blind eye because of its complexity. Here to explain the sheer importance of economics is our Coed of the Week for December 31, 2009, Jennifer Lynn. “Economics helps explain the world, which makes knowledge of it a powerful tool,” says the economics major at the University of Maryland. “And let's face it—nothing's sexier than a woman with power.” If her green eyes, busty figure and intelligence weren’t attractive enough, Jennifer sent us over the edge when she confesses that her love of finance is no match for her love of athletics. “Nothing in this world compares to football season,” smiles the brunette. “Spitting out stats and debating with the best of them always surprises the guys.” Jennifer Lynn, keep on surprising us.