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Melodye Prentiss

Miss July 1968

July 30, 1968
December 14, 1944
Chicago IL USA
5' 5"
100 lbs
Melodye Prentiss is a creative woman with an eye for beauty and art—which is precisely why when she was in need of a part-time job, she turned to Playboy. Working in our editorial library on the 9th floor in Chicago, the blue-eyed beauty would often bump into Playmate-hopefuls on their way to the photo studio on the 11th floor. The researcher and art student had always believed she was worthy enough for the 11th floor, but she didn’t have the confidence to tell Playboy producers about her desire to become a Playboy model. That all changed when a coworker with a good eye told her exactly what she needed to hear—she would make the perfect Playmate of the Month. “I love being a Playmate because the Playmate ideal expresses a healthy perspective toward nudity and sex,” says the naturally busty Chicagoan with the honey-blonde hair. “I really enjoy working at Playboy. The people here are both intelligent and mentally stimulating, and you stay up to date because you’re dealing with what’s happening. As a researcher, I’ve learned lots of wild and obscure things that in another type of job I’d probably never have known.” From being our editorial researcher to becoming our Miss July 1968, Melodye has been busy beyond her wildest imagination and that’s just fine by her. “I enjoy being under pressure,” says the University of Chicago and the School of the Art Institute student. “If every waking minute isn't used efficiently, I consider myself lazy. Sometimes, of course, it would be pleasant to pretend there's nothing that has to be done, but I have a compulsion to accomplish as much as possible.” As Playboy lined her pockets with money and the Illinois State Scholarship Commission and the Ford Foundation covered her tuition with scholarships, Melodye has been painting up a storm practicing for an annual painting contest. “My primary goals are to excel as a painter and to grow intellectually, to learn how to communicate more effectively with people,” explains the busty blonde. “I don't think it's always necessary to talk to have an exchange of thoughts and ideas; if you share a bond with someone, you sense things without speaking. Words can sometimes detract from communication.” Communication will become a vital part of Melodye’s future as she studies towards a teaching degree she will use in helping the next generation of artists hone their craft. “I’d like to excel as a painter and teach art at the college level,” says our Miss July 1968 as she pauses to laugh before adding, “I really want to avoid becoming a starving artist.” Life imitates art as Melodye Prentiss goes from talented artist to work of art as our Playboy centerfold.