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Sondra Theodore

Miss July 1977

July 01, 1977
December 12, 1956
San Bernardino CA USA
5' 6"
110 lbs
“Well, I've always wanted to be an actress,” admits Playmate Sondra Theodore, a busty blonde who grew up in San Bernardino. “For me, high school was one long rehearsal—lunch hours, after school, weekends. I was always working on a part. Los Angeles has been good to me, so far. I was one of the contenders for the role of Pinky Tuscadero—the Fonz's girlfriend. An agent saw me and figured that what was good enough for the Fonz was good enough for him. Playboy agreed.” While Happy Days’s casting director decided to go in a different direction for the role of Pinky, Sondra didn’t stay disappointed for long. Landing roles on television shows like Fantasy Island, CHiPs and The Bob Newhart Show, the all-natural blonde knew she finally accomplished her acting dreams. However, no matter how many roles our Miss July 1977 obtained, she was still lonely and began to search for companionship. “This is Alex. We're both mutts. I take him with me everywhere,” says Hef’s more-than-occasional companion of her furry, black puppy. “If I'm interviewing for a part, I'll just toss him into my purse. Alex has turned more three-minute interviews into ten-minute interviews and ten-minute interviews into parts than any agent in town.” It’s hard to imagine that before Sondra began living at the Mansion as our Miss July 1977, she was a Sunday school teacher who made it very difficult for her students to learn anything, thanks to her all-natural C-cup bust. “I used to be a miser, but now I'm dangerous,” admits Sondra who is now known as Baby Blue at the Mansion. “A few months ago, a friend took me to a party at the Mansion. I found myself dancing with Hef. The band was playing a tune called ‘Baby Blue Panties.’ To commemorate the evening, Hef gave me a necklace with the first two words of the title set in diamonds. So, drop the panties and there you have it—my new nickname.” With a new nickname, a Playmate of the Month title, a new little puppy and Hef in her life, Sondra has relatively nothing to worry about, except for one thing that’s been keeping her up at night. “My current mania is pinball. I'm trying to break 300,000 on Captain Fantastic,” admits our Miss July 1977 who along with Playmate Patti McGuire, is featured on the back glass of Playboy’s pinball machine which sold over 18 000 units after its 1978 release. Even though our Miss July 1977 is a blonde bombshell, she admits there is someone who’s been taking all of Hef’s attention away from her. “One day I took Alex up to the Mansion and Hef fell in love—with Alex,” says Sondra of her loveable pooch. “By the end of the afternoon, Hef was saying, ‘Has our dog been fed yet?’ It's a classic rags-to-riches story—rescued from the city pound, Alex the wonder dog lives happily ever after in a Holmby Hills mansion. You could say that he’s the second most important male in my life.” We could only assume who the first most important male in Baby Blue’s life could be.