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Carrie Enwright

Miss July 1963

July 30, 1963
August 25, 1943
Hollywood CA USA
5' 5"
123 lbs
“I am 19 years old and have lived in California all my life, the last 11 years in Hollywood, California, where I went through high school and where I have had at various times various not-so-odd jobs,” says Playmate Carrie Enwright, an excited brunette who is pleased to meet you. “For a while, I was cashier at the Hollywood Paramount, which was my closest fling with the movie business. Then I worked as a salesgirl in a candy store. Trouble was, I have this terrible sweet tooth and pretty soon I was eating more candy than I sold.” Sweet as candy with a voluptuous body that will make you swoon with delight, Carrie is as innocent as they come with a hint of endearing naivety. “I'm a very healthy, well-adjusted, fun-loving kind of girl, but I’m also a really very gullible girl. I wish on first stars and believe in miracles,” giggles the all-natural sweetheart, her brown eyes sparkling. “When I go out with a boy, it really doesn't make any difference what we do—for me it's a successful date if I get the feeling he appreciates being with me. If we like each other, I would just as soon run through the park in Levis as have a fancy dinner at Frascati's with the opera to follow. And I don't much care whether I eventually live in a mansion or in a tree house, so long as the man I'm married to is fun to be with. Of course it's a trite observation, but what I want most in life is happiness. What else is there?” Overjoyed and excited to now call herself our Miss July 1963, Carrie is taking a much needed personal day after posing for her Playmate of the Month spread. What are her plans for the day? Lying lazily in her background, taking in the sun from her hammock. “Like these trees, my roots are here in West Hollywood. I’m happy here. But, of course, I haven’t really been to very many other places,” says the dark-haired California girl. “Did you know my portrait was used as an illustration on the cover of an issue of Confidential Confessions? Any attractive girl who says her looks haven’t been a benefit is a liar. The great danger is when she begins to depend too much on surface values alone.” Depending mostly on her kind heart and sweet personality to take her far in life, Playmate Carrie Enwright knows her light will always shine brightly, here on the West Coast.