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Coed Girls

Megan Mohaupt

February 09, 2006
January 01, 1987
Tucson AZ USA
Many guys wonder what they should do first when they meet a beautiful woman — should they buy her a drink, should they offer a joke or perhaps just ask how her day is going. If that gorgeous woman happens to be Megan Mohaupt, fellas should offer to show her their hands. “I'm not a palm reader,” clarifies the public health major from the University of Arizona. “But, I think you can learn a lot by looking at a guy's hands. If he works with a determined mind and with careful hands, what's to say that he wouldn't take care of a woman in the same manner?” Speaking of self-care, the all-natural brunette from Tucson keeps her body in great shape, thanks to a rigorous workout routine which includes yoga. “I can hold the standing bow pose for more than 30 seconds in Bikram yoga. It has taken me a long time to perfect and it takes a lot of concentration,” says our brown-eyed Coed of the Week for February 9, 2006. “This is no ordinary yoga. It's hot yoga in a 110-degree room. I like to sweat!” We foresee a lot of Playboy fans signing up for hot yoga now.