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Toni Ann Thomas

Miss February 1963

February 28, 1963
April 15, 1944
Huntington Park CA USA
5' 5"
120 lbs
Toni Ann Thomas is our Miss February 1963 which comes as a surprise to her friends and family since Toni isn’t a model, nor did she ever have the desire to be a model. Working as a telephone operator and health club instructor, the voluptuous tomboy was discovered by a Playboy and quickly offered the opportunity to be our Playmate of the Month. “I guess there's no point in fighting nature,” says our curvy Miss February 1963 about deciding to become a Playmate. “I used to be self-conscious. Now, frankly, I enjoy it. You might say it’s part of growing up.” Growing into the beautiful, all-natural woman we see today, the busty brunette from Huntington Park, CA is the perfect balance of girly and sporty. She’ll squeal and cheer at a football game, read short stories before bed, cook Mexican and Italian food and is always up for fun. “I like sports cars, boating and photography. I also love bowling, dancing, football and water skiing even though I can’t swim,” laughs the brown-eyed California girl. “I also love to play with my two brothers in our backyard.” The only thing missing from our Miss February 1963’s life at the moment is a man who could handle her long list of activities and wicked sense of humor. “My favorite kind of guy is one who is unpretentious and who cares as much about what I think as how I look. The fellows I really turn off are the phonies—the ones who are fascinated by themselves and want to take me places only as some kind of ornament for their own egos,” she explains. “Also, I'm not too fond of the sly types that keep saying they can help me get ahead in show business. I don't want to be an actress, and I'm not particularly interested in being a model. I'd much prefer marrying a nice guy and raising a big family.” Miss February 1963 is looking for Mr. Right—we wonder if he’s reading this right now.