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Christina Renee

June 07, 2012
September 03, 1991
Los Angeles CA USA
5' 7"
116 lbs
Meet Cybergirl Christina Renee. A special blend of Russian and Colombian, she’s tall – 5’7” – with brown hair, brown eyes and long legs. “I was born and raised in Los Angeles as a second-generation Colombian,” she says, by way of introduction. “It’s a multicultural city. I speak fluent Spanish.” With a face and body made for modeling, it may surprise you to find out that Christina is a licensed nurse. “There’s more to me than a pretty face,” she says. “I love to help others, and I learn something new every day.” When she’s not working, Christina is no couch potato – she loves the mountains and the ocean, and she spends her mornings at the gym. “I’m a total gym rat,” she admits. “But I do love a beer and a game of pool!” Christina had always wanted to model, so when she had the opportunity to pose for Playboy, she did it without hesitation. “I was in the right place at the right time,” she says happily. “Only in LA!” After being named Cybergirl of the Week in March 2012, Christina decided to spend more time on her modeling career. “Nursing is my passion, but I’ll only be young once,” she says. “Playboy is a big name, and these photos are about me – not the clothes I’m wearing.” When it comes to dating, Christina is similarly straight to the point. “I want to love and be loved,” she says, dreamy. “I love a guy who’s confident – if he knows what he has to offer, I can’t refuse.” In her Facetime interview, Christina talked to us about partying at the Mansion and meeting celebrities in real life.