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Michelle Hamilton

Miss March 1968

March 30, 1968
December 20, 1948
Elmira NY USA
5' 4"
110 lbs
Our Miss March 1968 is a hard worker, but she’s also a dreamer who often gets lost in her fantasies until the reality and all its responsibilities snaps her awake. “I sometimes fantasize myself into great movies, such as Doctor Zhivago and Blow-Up, but I do recognize the realities of life,” explains Michelle Hamilton, a student at Pasadena City College. “Most girls would consider themselves lucky if they could get into Dr. Bikini Meets the Radioactive Surf Monster, much less quality films. I'm going to keep acting and I'd like to study drama, but I'll be quite happy if I can work at the U.N.” With her multilingual background in English and Spanish and her currently taking German classes, a translation position at the United Nations would be right up the all-natural nomad’s alley. “My father was killed in the Korean War. As a child, I grew up with my sister and brother in Las Vegas, Waikiki and Guadalajara, Mexico, before we moved to Los Angeles,” says the petite brunette who recently took a trip to Japan where she learned how to probably write a haiku. “It helps me understand myself better, but I wouldn't want to be a writer.” With plans to spend time in Germany next after completing her intensive course in conversational German, Michelle insists the U.N. will definitely benefit from having our Playmate of the Month on their payroll. “I'm sure I'm half nomad. I never want to stop traveling,” admits the voluptuous brunette from Elmira, NY. “I'd like to study drama in London and work in the theater. I don’t watch much television, but I love to read, write poetry, sing and play guitar, ride horses and take nature hikes with friends.” A guitar firmly placed by her side and her folk traditional songs in hand, our Miss March 1968 enjoys preforming her music for anyone who will listen—and finding an audience for this beauty has never been a problem. “No one would ever mistakes me for Joan Baez, but, I love to sing, so it doesn’t matter,” says the model with the long dark-brown hair who often listens to music when she’s stressed about an upcoming language exam. “When I was in high school, I never missed a weekend at the Strip. The crowds were great—it was like being in the middle of a tropical garden—and the music at Pandora's Box was too much. It used to nearly turn me inside out.” No one turns us on inside and out like Playmate Michelle Hamilton.