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Coed Girls

Candice Maria

January 09, 2009
Durham NC USA
Studying philosophy does sound incredibly dull, but Candice Maria assures us that her major can definitely peak anyone’s interest. “I’ve had some sexy philosophy professors,” says the Duke University coed. “Class is always more fun when your professor is hot!” And classes are a lot more exciting when you have a hot Playboy model with a full, pink pout sitting next to you who loves to rock out. “I love playing Rock Band!” says the blonde with her green eyes filled with glee. “I’m always up for singing, drums, guitar—I don’t care! It’s so much fun and a perfect study break!” But, the best study break had to be when Candice left class so she could pose for Playboy and claim her title as our Coed of the Week for October 1, 2009. If only we could make her Playboy study break a monthly occurrence.