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Christine Williams

Miss October 1963

October 30, 1963
January 07, 1945
Basingstoke England
6' 0"
150 lbs
Living in Basingstoke, England before moving with her Army captain father and family to the United States, Christine Williams got a crash course in the importance of traveling and in family. “I have a kid brother named Roy and a younger sister Carolyn,” says the busty blonde who left Europe as a child. “She’s the real beauty in the family—only 16, with the face and natural coloring of Sophia Loren.” A beautiful woman in her own right, the all-natural, statuesque model who stands tall at six feet turns heads wherever she goes, but she says her height hasn’t always been a point of pride for her. “I was always the tallest and gawkiest girl in my class and it really embarrassed me, especially during my first two years of high school in Pasadena, where some of the other girls got their kicks by taunting me openly,” recalls our queen-sized Playmate of the Month. “Then, one day, I realized that they were making all the noise—the boys didn't seem to mind my height at all. From that moment on, I've loved being tall. I really prefer dating shorter men, which is a good thing, because when my hair is piled up and I've got my high heels on not many men are taller than I. I absolutely insist on wearing heels, by the way—I'm told they make my legs look even longer and I'd feel self-conscious going out on a date without them. I really dislike men who don’t like me in my high heels.” Looking for a man who’s handsome with a good personality, our Miss October 1964 adds her future boyfriend must get along with the current main man in her life: Flash. “Flash is a charming horse and a veteran movie actor,” says Christine who’s acted in television shows like The Monkees and The Beverly Hillbillies. “His greatest role was in Sand with Rory Calhoun a few years back, and he has a long list of other credits. I wish I could say the same. My stallion lives on the ranch of Jirayar Zorthian, who is an extremely talented artist and very good buddy of mine. I’ve spent many hours during the past year at Jerry’s place, posing for his fine paintings—which helps to pay for Flash’s oats and stall. One of the children who live on the ranch, a little girl named Nanette Rohiff, loves horses almost as much as I do, and I’m always glad to share a ride with her.” Hot to trot, Playmate Christine Williams is a wild horse that will always run freely.