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Layla Shah

August 29, 2012
September 04, 1991
New York City New York USA
5' 5"
110 lbs
Amateur Layla Shah is a true Persian princess. Born and raised in New York City, our Middle Eastern import has long, thick hair and a pair of alluring brown eyes. “I’m first-generation American,” says Layla. “My parents came to America so that I could have freedom and opportunity. For this reason, I don’t take anything that I have for granted. I have a rich understanding of my history – I speak Farsi, love Chai tea and stretching out on a Persian rug.” But like she says, Layla was born American – a New Yorker, to boot – and you can find her at a football game with the guys, shopping and talking with the girls, and living and loving the single life in the city. “I like a guy who knows how to treat a girl,” she says. “A little goes a long way. I like eye contact, long kisses…and a nice pair of shoes.” So how did she get to be a Playboy Amateur? “I used to look at my brother’s old Playboy magazines,” admits Layla. “The women were beautiful – so fearless. I just had to do it.” She’s an amateur philosopher, too. “Being in Playboy is such an honor,” she says. “I’m proud of everything that I have to offer in the world. If we can learn to master our inner selves, then the world will be filled with patience, love and understanding.” Wise words from a worldly girl – and a real earthly delight.