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Patti Reynolds

Miss September 1965

September 29, 1965
May 28, 1948
Chicago IL USA
5' 5"
113 lbs
Former Playboy Club cottontail, Patti Reynolds, grew up loving animals and as she got older, her love increased, thanks to her horse, Frankie. Between taking care of her large animal, training him and attending equestrian competitions for a year, the all-natural model with a dark-brown mane that matches Frankie’s found the time to hang up her professional saddle long enough to shoot her Playboy centerfold. “Actually, there's no money in horse shows themselves, but if you can take enough firsts and seconds against top-notch competition, you'll usually wind up with an attractive offer or two to train one of the better-known breeders' stable of jumpers,” explains our busty Miss September 1965. “After I'd worked as a Bunny for three years, I found I had enough cash saved up to buy my own horse and train him for a couple of seasons without having to worry about bill collectors' beating a path to my door. So I went out and bought Frankie, stabled him near Chicago's Lincoln Park, where we could work out every day, and started getting him ready for some of the regional meets. Within one year after his first public jump, Frankie had five gold cups and a drawer full of blue ribbons to his credit, and I had decided to spend the next few years of my life on the hoof.” From horses to traveling, Patti hopes to win enough money during her next competition to pay for a trip to Europe and since she’s confident in Frankie’s chances of taking home top prize, she’s already begun to brush up on her languages. “I've managed to acquire a working knowledge of Spanish and Italian so far and with a few more courses under my belt, I shouldn't have too much trouble trading tips with the European equestrian set,” explains our Playmate of the Month. “If all goes well, I may be able to combine business with pleasure by working my way up into international riding competitions and a chance to clear the high hurdles in other parts of the world. I’m afraid of going to Italy, though. Italian food and my waistline are old enemies.” Blessed with curves, a sweet personality and the ability to tame large beasts, there is nothing that can stop Patti Reynolds from conquering the world of equestrian competitions and Playboy.