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Coed Girls

Nikki Christine

January 01, 2009
West Lafayette IN USA
Blue-eyed Nikki Christine is full of surprises. Not only is she drop-dead gorgeous, but our Coed of the Week for February 12, 2009 is licensed to sweep anyone off their feet. “I can actually fly an airplane!” admits the blonde from West Lafayette, Indiana. “I can also play the saxophone. And my tastes in entertainment are wide-ranging, everything from symphonies and jazz concerts to motorsports events.” Her surprises don’t end there. The psychology major will typically use her studies to her advantage when she meets a man. The Purdue University coed will observe the way a man carries himself, how he treats the women around him and you best believe she’s going to inspect his teeth. “I first study his smile, how charming he is, and whether or not he can he make me laugh,” says the busty Playboy model. We’ll make sure to pass the test with flying colors, Nikki.