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Linda Rhys Vaughn

Miss April 1982

March 01, 1982
August 11, 1959
Grossmont California USA
5' 0"
98 lbs
Linda Rhys Vaughn is a beauty with a resilient spirit which has helped guide her throughout her adventures. The petite brunette has been living a nomadic lifestyle since she was a child because of her father’s career. It’s not a question of whether or not Linda likes constantly being on the move, it’s that she’s never experience life any other way and cannot imagine this not being her norm. “My dad was a cowboy and he worked in the feed lots. We moved from feed lot to feed lot, wherever the jobs were. I still like to keep moving,” explains our California-born Playmate. For the moment, Linda is living in Lake Tahoe, where the ski hills are filled with snow bunnies and the parties are always in full swing. She won’t be there for long though—she has important goals to obtain in California. “My mother told me that if you don't follow up on your dreams, you'll wind up desperate and frustrated,” says our all-natural Miss April 1982. “Well, I've been able to make some of mine come true. It's better to go for it, to give a dream 100 percent, than to live your life kicking yourself for never having had the guts to try.” Our Playmate of the Month’s free spirit took her to Los Angeles when she was only 19 years old. With only $50 in her pocket and an invitation to crash on a second cousin’s couch, Linda thought she’d make it big in Hollywood. Unfortunately, she learned her pocket change wasn’t nearly enough to sustain her and her invitation to couch surf came with an expiration date. “I had been dating a young actor, who said I could move in with him. I'd never lived with a guy before, but there was no other choice,” says Miss Rhys Vaughn. Their partnership and living arrangement came to screeching halt when she learned her new man had no job and no real ambition to even join the workforce. “I moved back to Ramona and found a good job in San Diego. I was feeling confident, so I called Playboy. That's when everything started rolling,” says Linda. “The past year has made all the difference in the world. Now, I may get to act or to work behind the cameras. The parts I'd really like to play are like my centerfold— romantic period pieces. My gatefold is almost Victorian. It's everything I wanted. The feeling is pure.” The purest feeling of all is the love Playboy fans have for Linda Rhys Vaughn.