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Avis Miller

Miss November 1970

November 01, 1970
November 04, 1945
Ohio USA
5' 9"
140 lbs
Avis Miller, a tall blonde originally from Ohio, has been living in Union City, California with her parents for years. Unlike most young adults, Avis loves the idea of still living at home with her family especially after a childhood spent moving from state to state. My father was a salesman, so we moved around a lot. We lived in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas, Massachusetts, Illinois and Arizona. My older brother now digs on wells in Wyoming,” explains the all-natural blonde who moved herself as a student. “I studied history and education at Michigan State and later Arizona State universities.” Now, that her parents are in one place, she’s more than happy to take advantage of it –and the home-cooked meals are simply icing on the cake. Unfortunately, her convenient living arrangements changed once the Bunny had applied for a promotion and got the job. “I was working as a Cocktail Bunny in the San Francisco Club, when I was told I'd been chosen as a Jet Bunny. To say I was excited is putting it mildly,” giggles our voluptuous Playmate of the Month as she thinks of how far she’s come. “Before I became a Bunny at the Playboy Club in San Francisco, I was a loan officer at a savings and loan in Tempe.” Becoming one of 15 Jet Bunnies on Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s custom-built, private plane—a position 850 Bunnies from Playboy Clubs around the world had applied for—was an honor, but jet-setting cottontails had to be on call from Playboy Clubs in either Los Angeles or Chicago for the job. “I don't like living in the heart of a city,” says Avis who decided to live in Inglewood, not too far from Los Angeles. “I get uptight about things like crowds, noise and smog. When I was a kid, my father kept getting transferred—Pittsburgh, Boston, Richmond, Houston. I grew up disliking city life, I'm afraid.” The bright side of being a Jet Bunny means Avis’s job location was the clear sky and therefore, didn’t have to worry too much about her living arrangements. “Stewardesses usually have to train for six weeks,” explains our Miss November 1970 who trained in Lafayette, IN with Purdue and Continental Airlines, “but, that's because they have to learn about five different aircraft—we only had to learn about one—and their teaching is slower because the classes usually have at least 50 girls in them. The big airlines also spend a week on grooming, which the Bunnies already know, plus a week for photo shooting and uniform fittings, which we did on Playboy time.” After learning first aid, food preparation, ocean survival and more, Avis was ready for the job. “We always have at least three Jet Bunnies on board and since there's a maximum of 38 passengers, we're able to go about our duties without rushing,” says the all-natural blonde who worked with Hef’s longtime girlfriend Barbi Benton during his private party tour that took them through Africa and Europe. “Now that they have 747s, traveling on the commercial airlines is more luxurious than ever, but as far as I'm concerned, the Big Bunny is the only way to fly.” Currently, her feet are firmly placed on the ground, and Avis says it’s time for her to find love. “I'll be happy if I can wind up with a guy who's carefree and isn't a slave to business,” states our Miss November 1970. “I'll admit that that type isn't easy to find, but I haven't even started looking yet.” The moment she does, lineups of single men will emerge at her door.