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Laura Grillo

August 21, 2006
December 28, 1979
Los Angeles CA USA
5' 4"
105 lbs
The quickest way to please all-natural Laura Grillo is to satisfy her hunger. “The way to my heart is through my stomach,” admits busty Laura. “If I meet a guy who can bake, barbecue or broil, he's already scored a billion brownie points in my book –no pun intended.” There is nothing we like more than a model who’s hungry for life and for food. We met Miss Grillo at our New York casting call and fell in love with her attitude, personality –and her red hot lingerie. “I don't put up with any B.S. and I don't take any lip,” says our confident Cybergirl of the Week for August 21, 2006. Having been burned many times in the past by mean-spirited people, the model with the long, dark hair and slim figure, is very careful about who she allows to get close to her. It’s very easy to tell when you’ve made it into Miss Grillo’s circle of trust –she will overfeed you. “I'm a hundred percent Italian, so you know that I'm a great cook!” Miss Grillo knows how to express the true meaning of amore.