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Geri Glass

Miss September 1973

September 01, 1973
June 20, 1949
Phoenix Arizona USA
5' 8"
125 lbs
Playmate Geri Glass is a sexy coed from Cal State in Los Angeles, but she isn’t the typical college student. She doesn’t party excessively—or at all—instead, the tall blonde spends her days studying and practically living in the library. Geri takes her academics very seriously and plans to be in school for many years to come as she earns her degrees. “I'm studying English and want to become a high school English teacher after getting my Ph. D,” states the all-natural beauty. “It'll be rough, but I want to get my juris doctorate too.” Geri is fully aware of the fact that she’s a gorgeous bookworm and has learned to embrace it which wasn’t easy especially as a child growing up in several different towns. Her father’s career as an engineer for a well-known phone company took her family around the United States from California to Idaho. Unable to make and preserve friendships for long before she was forced to move to another city, Geri found solace in books. What began as her source of comfort has now become her oversized collection as she houses a large steamer trunk and many boxes filled with books—many of them collectors’ items. “I've got to break down and buy a bookcase, or else I'll need a second apartment just for my books,” admits our voluptuous Miss September 1973. “It's ridiculous.” With her current apartment taken over by books mainly from 19th century, Geri needed a home away from home and saved up the money she made from tutoring, waitressing and modeling for a beach-front property around Monterey Bay and on a condominium in Acapulco, Mexico. Sharing her condo with many other investors means our Playmate of the Month has access to the property two months out of the year, but any revenue is good revenue especially for a professional student like herself. “Next on my agenda is learning to snow ski and learning to fly,” smiles the beautiful blonde who has also just taken up fencing. “I thought I would just suit up, take my little sword and rat-a-tat-tat-touché! Actually, it’s very strenuous; but super interesting, nonetheless.” Who wouldn’t love to have Geri Glass touché them?