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Gaye Rennie

Miss April 1968

April 29, 1968
September 21, 1949
Los Angeles CA USA
5' 6"
118 lbs
Gaye Rennie’s life has become a balancing act between working as a receptionist at a beauty salon in Glendale, CA and becoming our Playmate of the Month, which is all thanks to photographer Bill Figge. Over a year ago, the all-natural beauty with the short blonde hair walked into Bill’s studio looking to have her high school graduation pictures taken. However, Bill took one look at the busty Californian and knew she was exactly what Playboy was searching for. “The moment I looked at her and I felt a quality that I was able to define only later,” recalls Bill of the first time he saw our Miss April 1968. “It's the Thirties' film-star quality Jean Harlow epitomized—an ultimately stylish, glamorous essence. It's a matter of face and hair and figure, of course, but also something in the smile and the voice—and Gaye has it.” At first, Gaye wasn’t sold on the idea—she felt her legs were too thin and her curly hair wasn’t that of a model. “My naturally curly hair drives me crazy. It does what it wants,” she says. Upon further reflection, Gaye got over her shyness, took Bill up on his offer and became our Miss April 1968. “What I do want is to follow up my Playmate appearance with more modeling,” says our Playmate of the Month. “I feel wonderfully at ease in front of a camera and have had an interest in fashion for as long as I can remember. Modeling is my ambition, but I have no definite idea right now beyond that. I want the best from life.” Until that day comes where her name appears in lights and she’s walking down the runway for big name designers, Gaye will continue to be a model who moonlights as a receptionist at a hair salon. “After I leave the shop, I feel wonderfully free to do whatever I want the rest of the afternoon, no matter how simple the fun might be,” she explains. “The job is a great way to keep myself solvent and yet have time to do what I want.” What does she want to do with her downtime besides posing for the camera? “The quietest moments I leave myself are those when I go off to sketch,” says Gaye who loves to also read, paint and catch up with her friends. “I'm pretty much a fun-and-games person on dates, whether it's slot-car racing in the evening or an exhausting afternoon of tennis.” Several rounds of tennis works up quite an appetite for our Playmate of the Month who only wants one thing after she exercises—Mexican food and lots of it. “Enchiladas, tacos, tortillas—I love them all, and the hotter the food the better,” she giggles. “My ideal evening would include going out to dinner and dancing someplace wild!” Who wouldn’t want to get wild with Gaye Rennie?