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Coed Girls

Kelsey Simpkins

September 09, 2004
January 01, 1985
Iowa City IA USA
Known for being covered in acres of corn and soybeans, Iowans—especially the students of the University of Iowa—know their home state houses a bustling nightlife far from the farm animals. “Iowa must have the most bars per capita than any other college in the nation! In a four-block radius, we have something like 32 bars. There is also a surplus of good-looking, homegrown Iowa girls,” says Kelsey Simpkins, an English major from UI. The busty brunette from Iowa City is baffled by those who believe Iowa City is boring and calls her hometown wild and fun, especially when there’s a campus party picking up steam. “We have this thing called No Shame Theatre, a cult event on campus. Groups of students write incredibly vulgar 15-minute skits and other people perform them. In one, a naked guy tried to catch a Butterfinger bar between his ass cheeks,” giggles our Coed of the Week for September 9, 2004. Miss Simpkins, you have us sold on Iowa.