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Tylyn John

Miss March 1992

March 01, 1992
July 31, 1966
Encino CA USA
5' 6"
116 lbs
Tylyn John gets a kick out of life. Born in Encino, California, Tylyn – whose name rhymes with smilin’ – spends her days racing up and down the Pacific Coast Highway on her chopper, a Harley Sportster 883 bored to 1200 c.c.s. The daughter of motocross champ Tom John, auburn-haired Tylyn was raised a tomboy, and was a member of her dad’s pit crew before she could say ‘Harley Davidson’. Once at summer camp, she was mistaken for a boy, and raised hell until counselors placed her in the girls’ cabin. “I’m not very patient,” admits Tylyn. “Wherever I’m going, I want to get there fast.” Tylyn brought that same eagerness to her role as a Playmate – when offered a test at Studio West, she revved up at the chance. As Miss March 1992, she earned more than her fair share of admirers, and her Centerfold was plastered in biker bars all across the US of A – but as for a boyfriend, she’s holding out for the right guy. “My turn-ons are men on Harleys and men in tight Wranglers,” she says. “I want a man who’s strong and sensitive, who puts up with my attitudes – and there are a lot of them.” Most of all, Tylyn wants to be considered an equal and would never ride sidecar with a man. With a high-performance personality, why should she? In recent years, Tylyn was diagnosed with scleroderma, an autoimmune disease, and spends her time and energy campaigning for medical research. With skin as metaphorically thick as hers, we know our resilient Miss March can handle anything that comes her way.