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Fierra Cruz

June 21, 2012
January 02, 1989
Las Vegas Nevada USA
5' 8"
122 lbs
Mind your business with Amateur Fierra Cruz, a full-time student from Las Vegas, Nevada. She’s tall, thin and Hispanic, with strong natural features – long, dark hair, dark eyes and a wide smile complement her soft brown skin. “I grew up in San Diego, California,” she says. “I’m the oldest of three sisters, and I handled adult responsibilities at a young age. I had my first job at fifteen, and it helped me to understand the value of work and money. I’ve made better decisions because of it.” She’s putting herself through business school, and she approaches her modeling career with the same sense of practical ability. Fierra makes her home in Las Vegas, and she loves the city for its high life and enterprise. “There are so many great clubs, restaurants and pools, and there’s always a show to see,” she says. “The list goes on.” That said, she’s not your average party girl. She describes herself as a huge nerd – “I love science, Star Wars and everything in between,” she admits – and her idea of a girls’ night is a mani-pedi and a good book. Fierra is in a relationship, and she doesn’t need to cruise the Strip for a good time. “I like the concept of shared experience,” she says. “We spend the day together – or I tell him about my day, and he listens. I need a guy with an able mind and body – and a capable pair of hands.” This is Fierra’s first time posing nude, but as any business student knows, a broad portfolio reduces specific financial risk. “I never thought in a million years that I would be chosen,” she says. “I was discovered at a party at the Playboy Mansion. I was raised as a Christian, so at first I wasn’t sure about it – but Playboy is a well-respected brand, and now it feels like second nature.” Fierra was featured in Fresh Faces on the Girls Network and in four issues of Special Editions in 2012 – twice in Natural Beauties and twice in Lingerie. Now she’s a Playboy Amateur, and she couldn’t be happier about it. “I had such a great time at the shoot,” she says. “Fab Fernandez is a great photographer.”