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Coed Girls

Vikki Raquelle

October 10, 2007
January 01, 1986
Tuscaloosa Alabama United States
Meet Vikki Raquelle, a pre-med biology major from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. “The party scene in Tuscaloosa consists of local bars with live bands as entertainment,” says the University of Alabama coed. Even though the all-natural African-American loves her school, the Tuscaloosa nightlife isn’t lively and wild enough for her, so she’s created a foolproof plan that allows her to dance the weekend away in style. “I usually drive 45 minutes to Birmingham to go to the clubs. It sounds bad, but I never feel like it's that far,” says dark-haired Vikki. Our Coed of the Week for October 10, 2007 will do anything to guarantee herself a good night –and if any man wants in on her wild weekends, he needs to meet her requirements. “I can't stand jacked-up teeth. I know that's silly, but I look at his smile to see if he's my type,” explains Vikki Raquelle.