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Laura Lovett

July 24, 2012
June 03, 1991
San Diego California USA
5' 7"
125 lbs
Meet Amateur Laura Lovett, a student from San Diego, California. She’s Scottish, Irish, Italian and Spanish, with blue eyes, blonde hair and natural breasts. She looks innocent, but don’t make any sudden moves – she’s been a student in karate for six years, and she has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. “Women should be able to protect themselves,” she says. “But I’m not mean or conceited – I’m nice to everyone. In SoCal you’re raised to appreciate diversity.” “I’m from SoCal, so of course I love the beach,” says Laura. “The Mission and Pacific are awesome. San Diego has everything – Centre City, the beach, the desert and the mountains, great museums and parks.” She’s an animal lover, and a year-round, card-carrying member at the San Diego Zoo and Sea World. When she’s not at school, she likes reality television, shopping trips with the girls, dinners out and movies in with her boyfriend. Laura has been modeling for about five years, and she wanted to try something new. “I’ve done a little bit of everything – bikini, runway, makeup, pin-up – but this is my first time posing nude, and I feel so sexy and confident,” she says. “It’s been a dream of mine to model for Playboy – a famous Playmate was a graduate of my high school, so I felt that it was within my grasp.” If only Laura was within our grasp.