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Coed Girls

Suzie Anderson

June 15, 2006
January 01, 1987
Santa Barbara CA USA
To be with an all-natural beauty like Suzie Anderson, a man needs to be an animal lover—and not just any animal lover, he needs to madly in love with the world’s cuddly creatures. “I am a huge animal lover. I've had pets since I was four and haven't stopped since,” says the communications major from the University of California. “I've had two rats, a parakeet and three pygmy goats. I currently have a one-year-old kitten.” When our blonde-haired Coed of the Week for June 15, 2006 isn’t tending to her animals, she’s focusing on winning as many contests as possible—from costume to dancing, her competitive spirit will always prevail. “I have never lost a limbo contest...ever,” says Miss Anderson. Suzie has never told her competitors the secret to winning streak, but she has no problem letting Playboy fans in on it. “I've been a ballet dancer for 17 years so I'm pretty flexible,” mischievously smiles the coed.