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Elaine Morton

Miss June 1970

June 01, 1970
August 17, 1949
Wichita Falls TX USA
5' 5"
110 lbs
All-natural Elaine Morton was born in Wichita Falls, Texas and has moved to the beat of her own drum ever since doing whatever she wants, when she wants. Following a live-and-let-live way of life, the blonde-haired Texan moved to Burbank, CA where she could explore her lifestyle by a beach. “I wish everybody would just butt out of everybody else's business—as long as that business isn't harming anyone,” she confesses. “Most people don’t ever learn how to enjoy life.” How exactly does Elaine, cousin to Playmate Karen Morton, squeeze out every ounce of pleasure from her life? By doing whatever comes to mind—shopping, horseback riding and turning a milk truck into a recreational vehicle so she could drive down through California and the Baja peninsula. “On an average day down there, I wake up at dawn, go surfing or swimming, cook breakfast, sun-bathe, go horseback riding, eat dinner and watch the sunset. Who needs more than that?” asks our Miss June 1970. “I was all hung up in establishment modes of living back home. Then I decided to stop striving for those goals and find my own.” With her Mexican trip now a goal she’s crossed off her list, our Playmate of the Month says she isn’t going to let the summer end without taking part in what she calls her ‘ideal night.’ “My ideal evening includes dressing for a beautiful formal with the most handsome man and having the most fabulous dinner ever and dancing too,” explains Elaine. “He has to be a person who is only serious when he is working.” However, don’t confuse her desire for a black-tie evening with a man to mean she wants to marry said gentleman—she has no intention of ever walking down the aisle. “Marriage is a big, useless hassle that ends in divorce half the time,” she explains. What Elaine does know will last forever is her Miss June 1970’s centerfold which is precisely why she jumped on the opportunity to pose for Playboy. “I love being a Playmate because it's exciting and I go for these type of things,” says Elaine, sipping her strawberry daiquiri as she stares at the waves crashes down onto the sandbar on the Baja Coast. “I hardly ever drink. I get high on the ocean, the beaches and the clear skies. I’m thinking of moving to Mexico forever.” We’re certain the amount of Americans moving to Mexico will skyrocket after hearing about Elaine Morton’s plans to move to the tropical country.