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Star Stowe

Miss February 1977

February 01, 1977
March 19, 1956
Little Rock AR USA
5' 6"
120 lbs
Music lovers will attest that attending a rock show can be a spiritual experience. The band on stage are worshipped by the concert goers below who hang onto their every move and their every lyric. However, one concert wasn’t as exciting and as grand as it could have been because was a beauty was stuck at the door for being a minor. The doorman, an observant man who knew this young teenager would grow up be someone famous, began to sing to her the song “Star, Star” by The Rolling Stones. Star, Star can’t get in the door. From then on, the all-natural blonde was referred to as Star, Star Stowe from Little Rock, Arkansas. “Some people think it's egotistical to call myself Star, but it's not meant in the Hollywood sense at all,” says Star. Our all-natural Playmate of the Month’s love for music and the entertainment industry took it away from her hometown and to the streets of Los Angeles. As a newly-minted adult, Star had access to every concert she wanted to attend –and thanks to her gorgeous smile, she always managed to make her way backstage to meet her idols. “Music is like a religion to me. I have a wild side and an innocent side—the two combined make for an unusual experience,” explains Star. “I'd love to be the most radical, bisexual rock star there ever could be. I would have that pirate butch attitude, with a touch of femininity that would run out with an impact like thunder.” Our Miss February 1977 is a huge fan of the band KISS and traveled to Las Vegas one summer to see them perform. However, even though Star loves the band’s music, she didn’t realize the eloquent man she had been speaking to in the elevator at the Hotel Sahara in Vegas was none other than KISS’s bassist, Gene Simmons. In our Playmate’s defense, The Demon was not wearing his trademark black, white and silver face paint when he struck up a conversation with her. “Good hard rock is so powerful, just hearing it and feeling it is, for me, a sexual experience,” said Star who began dating Gene after their chance encounter. “Sometimes when I’m in the audience, watching Gene perform, every once in a while during the concert, it seems like he’s looking directly at me and it’s such a great feeling! To me, his music is what sex would sound like if you could hear it.” She admits that she may be somewhat aggressive in the bedroom, a quality Gene loves about her, but her level of aggression depends on what music is playing in the background of her love making. “Initially, I’m aggressive—at least aggressive enough to get a man’s attention. Then once the relationship becomes sexual, I get very aggressive! You might say I go crazy,” laughs Star. That element of surprise is why someone as iconic as Gene Simmons won’t let our Miss February 1977 out of his sight –and that includes when he’s on stage performing. “Once in L.A., while Gene was onstage, I flashed him—I just opened my jacket for a split second and I wasn't wearing anything underneath,” proudly smiles Star. “Sometimes, I just love to be naughty.” We hope Star Stowe never changes.