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Sally Sheffield

Miss May 1969

May 01, 1969
May 17, 1941
Brooklyn New York USA
5' 4"
110 lbs
Playmate Sally Sheffield always has her nose in a good book when she finds a moment to herself. “My favorite books are Ethan Frome, The Great Gatsby, Lord Jim and The Wizard of Oz. But, as fond as I am of fictional wizards, I want my real-life hero to be flexible and fun-loving, though he should be stronger willed that I am—to keep me in line,” says the petite New Yorker. “What I look for most in a man is personal integrity; politicians Moshe Dayan and Adlai Stevenson earned my admiration because of their courage and their honesty.” While books are her main source of comfort, Sally does have plenty of other activities to keep her occupied when she’s run out of good page-turners. “Though I love books, I love music even more. The piano is my serious instrument; but for fun, and to learn folk songs, I also play the guitar and the autoharp,” says the all-natural brunette who minored in music at Massachusetts’ Wellesley College. Upon completing her bachelor’s degree in psychology, Sally went on to achieve her master’s degree in musicology and completed a teaching fellowship in English literature at the New England Conservatory of Music. “For now, I'd like health, happiness, a good marriage and a career to help me from stagnating. What more could I ask for?” asks our voluptuous Playmate of the Month. “If I had more time, I'd start taking piano lessons again. I’d also learn another language—I already speak French and Hebrew.” Before scheduling her Playboy photoshoot with photographer Pompeo Posar, the buxom beauty with the long, brown hair traveled to Israel where she practiced her Hebrew on a daily basis for months. “I did spend eight months working in an Israeli kibbutz—I worked in the orchards and artificially inseminating hens, of all things—but next time, I'd like to be a camera-toting tourist,” explains our Miss May 1969. “Although I'm a dropout from the Ph.D. program at the conservatory, I'll probably wind up teaching music history at some point.” Planning to travel back to Israel will definitely cost Sally a pretty penny which is one of the main reasons she decided to join the Playboy family and become our Miss May 1969. “I love being a Playmate because it's a financially rewarding means to satisfy my exhibitionist tendencies!” laughs Sally. “It’s also a monetarily rewarding way to build up my ego.” Consider us blinded by love for Sally Sheffield, our ambitious Playmate of the Month.