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Crystal Smith

Miss September 1971

September 01, 1971
August 02, 1951
Kansas City MO USA
5' 7"
118 lbs
Playmate Crystal Smith has been entertaining audiences for years as a dancer, but has decided that her repertoire of skills lacked the behind-the-scenes knowhow. With that thought in mind, the all-natural brunette enlisted in the radio and television program at Kansas State University in Manhattan where the Kansas City native hopes to make a seamless transition into entertainment media. “We’ve learned mostly about audio-visual materials, lighting and programing in my radio-TV courses,” explains Miss Smith. “Even though I’m more interested in the performing than the production side of television, I’m sure this technical knowledge will be useful in the future.” As someone who already possesses a vast amount of stage knowledge, Crystal has seen firsthand how times are changing and how producers want employees who understand the ins-and-outs of the entertainment world. “You can't be a uni-talent anymore. You have to be able to do everything—dance, sing and play musical instruments. Right now, I'm concentrating on my voice and opera classes,” explains the busty dancer. “The dancing I've been doing all along. Two summers ago, I was a Rockette in Radio City Music Hall and now, during the school year, I'm operating a dance studio for girls at the U.S. Army Special Services Youth Activities Center outside Manhattan. Not only do the classes make me practice my dancing, but teaching those little kids is really fun. Plus, the lessons have helped pay my college tuition.” Her schedule has been a constant stream of exams, school work, extracurricular activities, dancing and work. Moving to a new city to study is expensive, explains Crystal, but she has found ways to earn money while making a name for herself in the entertainment industry, thanks to her position with Playboy. Aside from becoming our Miss September 1971, our Playmate of the Month is also a Bunny at the Playboy Club in Manhattan. If being a student, a Bunny and a Playmate weren’t impressive enough, the hard worker decided to take on another job teaching dance classes in her native of Kansas City. “It was a hectic schedule,” admits Crystal who had to drive over a 100 miles between Kansas City and Manhattan during the summer for work. “But, I've always been happiest doing several things at once. I'm planning to move to Los Angeles, where I hope to land singing and dancing work in films or television. And, if I'm lucky, maybe someday I'll have my own TV special!” Her dream came true when she anchored Playboy TV news program, Sexcetera, for eight years before she opened her own video production company in Las Vegas.