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Coed Girls

Danielle Teal

January 11, 2008
March 24, 1989
Atlanta GA USA
4' 11"
95 lbs
If you’re looking for that sexy adrenaline rush, look no further than Danielle Teal. Motocross racers and fans are used to having their hearts palpitating on the track, but once they lay eyes on the petite—4’ 11”—brunette with the light-green eyes on the sidelines, heart attacks ensue. “I work for a motorcycle website. We travel around the country and we have a road racing time and a stunt rider who we sponsor. I do all their broadcasting and interviews,” says Miss Teal. “I have a genuine passion for the sport and admire those talented boys! It takes a lot of skill, heart and balls to take spills at 180 miles per hour!” While our busty Coed of the Week for April 24, 2008 loves what she does, she does admit there are times when her job can be difficult. “We’ll be at a race track and it’ll be 110 degrees, but it’ll be over 200 degrees on the track!” says the Atlanta native. “It’s miserable when you’re trying to be cute.” Not that she really needs to try.