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Coed Girls

Jenna Straub

August 31, 2006
January 01, 1987
Orlando FL USA
“In the car, I'm a highway rock star and sing along with everything on the radio,” admits Jenna Straub, a blonde from Orlando, FL. “They should send me an award for Best Female Vocalist in a Vehicle.” When Jenna isn’t practicing for her car-singing award, she’s studying public relations at Valencia Community College—and does she ever know how to unwind. “I attend a community college next to the University of Central Florida, which has the real party scene in town,” says our busty Coed of the Week for August 31, 2006. “It's the ‘drinking school with a football problem’ and the place where most things happen on weekends.” Miss Straub prefers to attend these parties with her friends in toe, but when she does accompany a man, you better believe he meets her standards. “I don't want to hear how much money a guy makes or how he was an ‘international model.’ I want a man who can make me laugh, isn't a jerk and has passion,” explains Jenna. “First impressions last a lifetime.”