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Robyn Marie Wilson

July 05, 2009
June 06, 1988
Atlanta GA United States
5' 7"
110 lbs
Southern gal Robyn Marie Wilson is an all-natural beauty who loves to have fun. Whether she’s dancing, running, cooking or being artistic, Miss Wilson always makes sure to have one heck of a time. “I'm a strong, confident woman who's not afraid to show what she's got,” says Robyn. “And like any good Southerner, I love to party.” Miss Wilson is a dark-haired, fair-skinned model with a sexy Southern accent. The Atlanta native hopes to become a singer and an actress. Becoming a Playboy model let alone our Cybergirl of the Week for July 6, 2009 was a happy surprise for Robyn. Miss Wilson never considered modeling. She typically dresses in gothic attire which suits her kinky bedroom needs quite nicely. “I’m not so much into whips but I do like chains,” explains busty Robyn. “I like to tie up the guy. I’m very dominate in the bedroom.” Miss Wilson does have a sex tip that she believes every guy needs to know. “It’s all about the kiss. Slow down, guys and stop sucking on women’s faces,” says our CGOW. Yes, Miss Wilson.