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Denise Michele

Miss April 1976

April 01, 1976
June 12, 1953
San Francisco CA USA
5' 6"
120 lbs
The most beautiful Polynesian women in the world can be found on the paradise islands of Hawaii. Beauty on the island of Oahu is everywhere the eye can see. However, the beautiful white sandy beaches and Kailua Bay’s turquoise waters are no match for our stunning Miss April 1976. “I was 10 when my family moved from California to Hawaii,” says Denise Michele. “I love Hawaii because it's so beautiful and a great place to raise kids. The weather's great and the people are warm-hearted and friendly.” The all-natural, Polynesian beauty was working as a fulltime model on the island when a man couldn’t stop staring at her. Her long, black hair and her voluptuous figure were enough for a man who would later become her boyfriend, to steal her away from Hawaii—and away from her old boyfriend. “I like a man to dominate me, but I also need my freedom,” states our Playmate of the Month who temporarily moved to California to get away from the drama back home. “Sometimes I'm easy to get along with and other times, I’m temperamental.” Denise and her new boyfriend made their way to Los Angeles where their whirlwind romance and her modeling career began to blossom. After visiting a modeling agency who handed her directions to Playboy’s LA office, Denise had a very good feeling about this new venture. “I love being a model because it's a job I can do freely without having to work in an office,” admits our Miss April 1976 as she was on set back home in Hawaii for her centerfold photoshoot. “But, I love being a Playmate because it's an honor. Playboy also hasn't had a Polynesian Playmate in a long time.” Ratifying that oversight with help from Denise, she told us she doesn’t believe becoming a Playmate would have ever happened for her if it weren’t for her new boyfriend who convinced her to move to California for a little while. “I am daring, but I’m not sure whether you could call me a truly liberated woman,” confesses Denise. “As far as relationships go, I think both partners should be made to feel equal. I like to feel dominated sometimes, but I never want to feel totally dependent.” Our Miss April 1976 will always be the gorgeous, independent woman she is today and she plans on utilizing her strength to help those who need those qualities most in the future. “I'd like to work with runaways and children with disabilities,” states the dark-haired beauty. Denise Michele is a Playmate with a heart of gold.