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Jill Taylor

Miss January 1970

January 01, 1970
October 14, 1951
Van Nuys CA USA
5' 4"
120 lbs
Jill Taylor had recently graduated from Burbank High School when she heard she was voted our Miss January 1970. The newly-minted high school graduate was surprised—this was the second honor bestowed upon her that year. The all-natural blonde’s classmates had voted her Senior-Class Queen and now she was also our Playmate of the Month—Jill achieved her goals and was running up the American social ladder in her town of Van Nuys, CA. “My biggest turnoff is when things that you have planned for a long time don't work out,” says Jill. Feeling an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, the voluptuous beauty with the golden locks celebrated her good fortune the same way most teenage girls would—with a slumber party. Jill and several of her girlfriends spent the weekend at a friend’s house in Palm Springs where the girls ate fistful of marshmallows, had pillow fights and put on an impromptu concert where our Playmate of the Month rocked out on the drums. “I’m sure glad there’s no tape recorder here,” says Jill about their jam session. “In my spare time, I draw lot. I have many artistic hobbies.” Hoping to turn her hobbies into a career, Jill is considering earning a degree in fashion design, but being a carefree teenager means she has plenty of time to decide what she wants to do. “I think I’d like to become a fashion designer,” says our Miss January 1970. “If I ever do settle on a career, it'll have to be designing or modeling fashions—or maybe both. But for now, I'm more interested in having a good time.” While she may not have her career plan mapped out, Jill does say her Prince Charming has to have his life established in order to make her his wife. “My ideal man has to have an occupation. It doesn’t matter what it is, just so long as he's got a job!” exclaims our Miss January 1970. “He also has to have a good sense of humor because I love to laugh. He has to be polite and fun too.” Above all else, he needs to know our gatefold beauty wants to be treated like a princess and if he does so, she’ll make sure to treat him like prince. “I'm old-fashioned about things like that,” she says. Jill Taylor is going to make some lucky man very happy.