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Francine Parks

Miss February 1974

February 01, 1974
January 30, 1951
Mobile Alabama USA
5' 5"
110 lbs
Dark brown locks, a full dark-pink pout and porcelain white skin are just some of the characteristics that make Playmate Francine Parks classically beautiful. Originally from Mobile, Alabama, Francine felt her hometown wasn’t thrilling enough for her and she was desperate to have her modeling aspirations become a reality. The brown-eyed brunette moved to Orange County, California where the hot sun beamed on her naturally voluptuous figure by the ocean’s edge on a weekly basis. “As a place to live, it has everything I crave,” explains our Miss February 1974. “I love to cook, I water-ski, and sail, play a little tennis, and I can enjoy my greatest passion—dancing— at Tiffany’s.” Tiffany’s is one of the most popular nightclubs in Marina Del Rey where Francine can be found dancing up a storm –when she isn’t working there, of course. For most newly-converted Californians, being at the beach by day and hitting the clubs at night is their daily routine, but for Francine Parks, Southern California isn’t all play and no work. Along with her part-time job at the club, she also works as a travel consultant, she’s a student at Santa Monica College, she’s our Playmate of the Month and she also attends a weekly drama class. “The classes are absolutely stimulating. We do a lot of encounter-group kinds of exercises. There's one where the coach asks you to do something in front of the whole class that would normally make you feel embarrassed, or stupid, in order to get rid of inhibitions. It's called Reluctancy,” explains Francine. “My goal is to be a great actress and live life to the fullest.” Being a successful actor isn’t as easy as Elizabeth Taylor and Jack Nicholson will have you believe. Francine isn’t comfortable yet with the idea of putting herself out there and tapping into her emotions on camera, but says being our Playmate of the Month has helped her get over her stage fright. “I wish I could be more uninhibited,” admits our Miss February 1974. “I do love being a Playmate because it has helped me expand my experience being in front of the camera.” The pleasure is all ours, Francine.