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Shay Knuth

Miss September 1969

September 01, 1969
May 29, 1945
Milwaukee Wisconsin USA
5' 3"
110 lbs
Petite Shay Knuth from Milwaukee was studying sociology at the University of Wisconsin when she came up with a brilliant idea that mixed education with travel. Craving adventure, a warm weather and exploring a new culture, Shay decided she would hop into her 1966 Mustang with her pet cat and make the 2100-mile road trip to Mexico City. Of all the places in the world, why did the all-natural blonde choose Mexico City? “I was on a camping trip to Denver and Laredo with a pair of girlfriends and we decided, just on a whim, to spend a weekend in Mexico City,” recalls Shay of how she first fell in love the colorful town. “I was completely knocked out by the atmosphere of the town—the unfamiliar sounds and smells and the relaxed tempo of life. I told myself, ‘This is where I'd like to live and work someday.’” Embarking on a trip down South without a return date in mind requires some planning she says. “I'm a Bunny at the Playboy resort in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin,” explains our busty Playmate of the Month who didn’t want to lose the distinction of being known as the first Bunny hired at that Club. After asking for a leave of absence from the resort and saying goodbye to the VIP members who had grown to love Shay, she made arrangements to attend the University of the Americas in Mexico City where she would study Spanish, modern philosophy and government. With a majority of the students at the Mexican school being from the United States, our Miss September 1969 was surprised to find that she was able to get around the city speaking English. “Almost everybody in the city speaks some English, so I really haven't had much incentive to perfect my Spanish,” says Shay who is serious about learning the language. “If I can persuade a local family to take me in, I'll have no choice but to learn.” With no word yet on whether or not a Mexican family will take her in, she continues to study and immerse herself in the proud culture. “The instructors are first-rate and the school is so small that you don’t have to compete for attention,” she explains. “Besides, you never forget that you’re in Mexico City, which is so big and varied that it’s an education in itself. I’m lucky to be a student here.” Her life in Mexico City isn’t only about academics—Shay has been boosting the Mexican economy since arriving in town thanks to all her shopping. “They sell just about everything here—tacos, ponchos, leather and silver goods, liquor and jewelry. The prices change hourly, but that’s what makes shopping fun,” says our Miss September 1969 of the merchants. “It's a nation of extremes. The poor are completely destitute and the rich are superrich. Both the aristocrats and the workers are very friendly to visitors from other countries—but they don't have any contact with each other at all.” Shay Knuth has since completed her year studying in Mexico, but hopes to revisit her friends south of the border.