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Caledonia Cotton

July 20, 2012
June 30, 1992
Portland Oregon USA
5' 9"
140 lbs
Meet sweet Amateur Caledonia Cotton. She’s tall – 5’9” – and soft, with long, dark hair and natural curves. “I grew up in a small town called Boulder Creek, California, near Santa Cruz,” she says. “I was raised on camping and road trips – but when I was nine, we moved to the city, and things changed. I started high school – and I started to experiment.” Now Caledonia lives in Portland, Oregon, where she enjoys the liberal bar scene. She puts on a dress and heels for cocktails with the girls, and a T-shirt and jeans for beer with the guys – and some nights, she puts on her pajamas, and stays in with a pint of ice cream and her Netflix account. So how did Caledonia get to be a Playboy model? “There was a casting call in Arizona,” she explains. “I was supposed to go with friends, but they canceled at the last minute.” The plane ticket was non-refundable, so she went by herself - and six weeks later, she got a call back. “I’ve always wanted to pose nude,” says Caledonia. “Playboy has a great reputation – if you model for Playboy, people want to know who you are.” She describes her body as “a work in progress”, but it’s not for lack of confidence. “I’ve always been a nudist,” she says. “When I was a kid, my parents couldn’t keep my clothes on me.”