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Coed Girls

Corissa Eaton

March 10, 2005
January 01, 1986
Raleigh NC USA
5' 8"
125 lbs
All-natural Corissa Eaton is a criminology major who studies perpetrators the same way she studies men she’s interested in—she watches the way they move, the way they interact with their classmates, and most importantly, she studies their hands. “The first thing I study about a guy is his handshake. It says a lot about a man. If a guy has a limp handshake, he probably isn't too reliable in other areas,” explains the North Carolina State University student. “My handshake is usually stronger than those of most men I meet, since I have long hands and can palm a basketball.” Why is Miss Eaton so strong you may ask? Our voluptuous Coed of the Week for March 10, 2005 partly credits her strength to playing sports and eating traditional dishes prepared by her parents. “I love sushi; I'm half-Japanese and ate it all the time as a kid,” says dark-haired Corissa. “I also love playing football, because physical contact is always a good thing.” We couldn’t agree more with Miss Eaton.