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Neriah Davis

Miss March 1994

March 01, 1994
October 12, 1972
Los Angeles California USA
5' 8"
118 lbs
Of all nature’s bounties – hot sun, warm earth and cool water – the greatest is Playmate Neriah Davis. Born in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, Neriah was raised on a hippie commune known as Angels Camp, and you might say that it shaped her personality. “I’ll always be a California girl, but I grew up a little differently than my sunshine sisters,” says Neriah in a singsong voice. “We had no electricity, and no television, but we were always together. I love that that’s the way I grew up.” Though she’d never been to the city before, Neriah’s adventurous spirit led her to Los Angeles, where she started modeling and acting in small roles. “I’ve been interested in Playboy ever since I found a copy in my dad’s study,” she divulges. “Dona Speir was the first Playmate I ever saw – I could never have imagined that I’d be in her place ten years later!” With a whirlwind shoot in the California desert, Neriah became her very own Miss March in 1994. Though nude modeling conflicts somewhat with her born-again Christianity, Neriah is wholly at peace with her descision. “I think people should have different facets to their personality,” she says lightly. “I’m an exhibitionist. There’s a side of me that likes to do this.” Needless to say, we consider that Miss Davis’s good side. For now, she’s enjoying her time in the limelight, but Neriah’s dream home would be in the mountains – a sprawling, country-style ranch, complete with scrub brush, horses and nightly sunsets with her sweetheart. “My parents are totally liberal and free-spirited,” she says. “Nudity was never an issue for any of us. Being a Playmate is an honor for me!” Her name means ‘light of the Lord’, and if you ask us, it couldn’t be more fitting – with her inner peace and bodacious outer body, the sky’s the limit for Neriah Davis.