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Monique Noel

Miss May 1989

May 01, 1989
April 28, 1967
Salem Oregon USA
5' 7"
114 lbs
“You can't plan passion. It has to be spontaneous,” explains Monique Noel. The blonde-haired free spirit believes that if a job isn’t fun to do, then it isn’t worth doing. Monique grew up a shy girl in the very gray and rainy town of Salem, Oregon. No matter how much she loved her hometown and the perk of having her family close by, she needed to be somewhere sunny and warm to be happy. “When the time came to move, I didn't just move, I ran! Life is too short to wait for what you want,” says Miss Noel. The all-natural beauty moved to Southern California and, very quickly, began looking for work in Hollywood. Voluptuous Monique didn’t plan on posing for Playboy when she moved to California; however, she always seemed to forge some sort of connection to the brand. Having started her career in commercials playing Playmate and icon Marilyn Monroe, Monique realized that she loved the camera—and that the camera loved her in return. If it wasn’t clear then that she should pose for the magazine, it became very obvious to the all-natural bombshell in 1989, when she was an extra in a movie. Road House, featuring Patrick Swayze, was Miss Noel’s film debut. She played one of Swayze’s beauties along with two Playmates, Terri Lynn Doss and Kymberly Herrin, who encouraged her to pose for the magazine. Following the many signs from the universe, long-legged Monique decided to join the ranks of gorgeous women before her and send in her pictures to Playboy. “Even when I knew the Playboy people were considering me, I never believed they would want me. Never in a million years,” admits our modest Playmate of the Month. Miss May 1989 explains how the decision to model in her birthday suit wasn’t one she took lightly. “I wasn't quite prepared for this. You don't pose nude every day. But once I decided to just be me, it was easy,” smiles Monique. Since her days as Swayze’s beauty and as a Playmate, Miss Noel went on to achieve a career goal: she became a working actress. Having played roles in the television shows Renegade and Blossom, Miss May 1989 is excited for her future and hopes to land a starring role in a movie. “I want to work as a film actress and build a ranch in the Southwest,” she says. “When I get an all-over sense of passion, I need an outlet!”