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Sue Williams

Miss April 1965

April 29, 1965
November 14, 1945
Glendale CA USA
4' 11"
98 lbs
Coming to Playboy from Glendale, California is Sue Williams, our first Playmate of the Month to be under five feet tall. “I love being a Playmate because it gives my life a spark of something new, interesting and different,” says our Miss April 1965 who also has the distinction of being known as our very first Playmate to have breast implants. “Being a Playmate is the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me. I wasn’t really sure I was the right type.” Blue eyes, blonde hair and a voluptuous figure, Sue was exactly what we were looking for so she quickly informed her boss at the Burbank film-processing firm where she worked as a receptionist that she needed to take a sexy leave of absence. “My parents wanted me to enroll at USC this year, but I decided I'd better be off getting out on my own for a while. I'm not full of academic aspirations at the moment, and I can't see going to a university just to get a degree,” explains petite our Miss April 1965. “By earning my own keep and learning to solve my own problems, I think I'll learn a lot more about life than I would in any classroom.” Learning about herself and all that she is capable of through her extraordinary experiences, one thing that will never change is Sue will always be a tomboy at heart. “I guess you could call me a latent tomboy. After work, I can't wait to switch into slacks and sneakers. Then it's either down to the beach for some late afternoon surfing, or out to Verdugo Park for a few innings of softball with the old gang from Glendale. On rainy days, I catch up on my one sedentary hobby—collecting old coins,” giggles the blonde California girl who also loves to play softball. “When I stand in a crouch, most pitchers have trouble trying to find a strike zone that tiny. It’s really terrible, the way I love to buy umpires. When I go to the Dodger games, I have so much fun razzing them, I often wind up hoarse. Like most females, I try to get in the last word.” Whether she’s acting on set of the beach flick How to Stuff a Wild Bikini alongside Playmates Marianne Gaba and Jo Collins, yelling at a baseball game or indulging in her favorite Cantonese dishes, Playmate Sue Williams is every man’s dream girl come to life.