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Jami Ferrell

Miss January 1997

January 01, 1997
June 20, 1974
Muncie IN USA
5' 8"
118 lbs
Above all, Jami Ferrell considers herself to be very lucky. A cherubic blonde from small-town Muncie, Indiana, Jami overcame an innate shyness to become one of our best-loved and most seductive Playmates. “I used to be so reserved,” she says, reflecting on her decision to move to Los Angeles. “I’d never even been outside the Midwest, let alone flown in a plane. I chose LA – that sounded exciting.” Upon her arrival, Jami landed a gig as a nanny, working for a high-powered, high-profile couple in Malibu. From there, she was free to indulge her more personal tastes, like book-collecting and late-night glasses of red wine – and won over by Miss Ferrell’s sweetness, we offered her a place in the Centerfold. Once Jami became Miss January 1997, the world was truly her oyster – in her original Playmate File, she mentioned her dream vacation would be to Kenya, so we sent her and two other Playmates on safari in Zambia and Zimbabwe. “Ever since I got back from Africa, all I can think about are my experiences there,” she gushes. “I’m not sure what I want to do yet, but I love trying new things on the spur of the moment! I want to continue to travel and meet new people. We think that trotting the globe with Hef, his famous friends and her fellow Playmates certainly fits the bill.