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Joey Gibson

Miss June 1967

June 29, 1967
August 11, 1945
Santa Monica California USA
5' 6"
128 lbs
Music, reading, exercise and relaxation are items that can always be found on our blue-eyed Miss June 1967’s schedule. “It's important to learn to relax,” says Joey Gibson. “When I arrive home from work, I'll put on a James Brown record, start gyrating all over the apartment, and in 15 minutes, I'm more relaxed than most people are four hours after they're home from work.” Working as a secretary for Dr. Emmanuel Kruger of the Hypnosis Society of America has been quite an experience for the voluptuous blonde from Santa Monica who has recently gone from employee to patient. “When I was graduated from Santa Monica City College, even though I was a psychology major, I had no idea I'd be working in medical hypnosis,” admits our all-natural Playmate of the Month who has undergone 30 sessions herself. “In psychotherapy, patients' problems are cured by going after the causes—usually stemming from childhood incidents. In hypnosis, the doctor goes after the symptoms.” If working as a hypnotist’s assistant and completing her psychology and business degrees at Santa Monica City College didn’t occupy her schedule enough, our Miss June 1967 also attends night school at UCLA where she studies criminology. “Professional dealers are all magicians with cards,” says Joey after attending a criminology class that focused on how to cheat at cards. “Their profession is lucrative but limited—they know if they're caught cheating, no gambling casino will rehire them.” After running errands between classes—she was in need of her favorite carrot juice and a half pound of sunflower seeds—Joey heads home to change for a game or two of tennis. “I enjoy tennis, sailing, water skiing, going to plays and running on the beach. If I want to exercise outdoors and it's raining, I'll put on a bikini and run around the block a couple of times,” she says. “Exercise is necessary. On weekends, I rarely stop eating.” Good food and good conversation are vital on a first date, confesses our Miss June 1967 before gulping down her carrot juice. “My ideal evening would start with dinner and cocktails at a Spanish restaurant, then a good play, and then a party with close friends,” she says. “I've thought about trying to be an actress. I appeared in several plays while at college, and I liked it. But, since I started working for Dr. Kruger—and learning all about hypnosis—I haven't really thought about doing anything else. At any rate, why should I worry about what's going to happen a lot of tomorrows from now? I'm having too much fun with my todays. I am my own woman. I lead my life according to no social standards other than my own.” Embrace the beauty of a strong woman like Playmate Joey Gibson who lives for today and dreams of tomorrow.