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Coed Girls

Sammie Claymont

May 03, 2007
January 01, 1986
Houston TX USA
Our voluptuous Coed of the Week for May 3, 2007 is a sweet blonde who loves school. “My special talent is studying,” smiles Sammie Claymont. “I love math and science. What can I say, I go to Rice!” Rice University in Houston, TX isn’t a very well-known university, but Sammie wants to change that. “Rice is a small campus and a lot of people don't go out, but the people who do know how to have a good time,” says the biochemistry and economics major. “We don't have frats or sororities, so most of the time I party in my friends' rooms. One of our funny campus rituals is called Baker 13. On the 13th or 31st of every month people run around the entire campus covered only in shaving cream.” Sammie definitely makes us miss being in college.