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Coed Girls

Denise Andrews

July 07, 2005
January 01, 1986
Atlanta GA USA
Exercising and losing weight, for college students, aren’t always at the top of the priority list, but Denise Andrews isn’t like most coeds. The management major from Georgia Institute of Technology places high importance on health and fitness because she refuses to gain the dreaded freshman 15. “I love to dance and I take hip-hop and salsa lessons. It's a great way to express myself and stay in shape,” says the busty brunette from Atlanta, GA. “I also enjoy being outdoors. Whether I'm hiking in the mountains or just taking a walk, there's something refreshing about being outside on a beautiful day.” Denise will allow herself to indulge in temptation every now and then by attending as many house parties as her schooling will permit. However, she believes that it is possible to blend partying with exercise, especially when the party includes swimming. “The fraternities on campus are always throwing parties, and it’s fun when someone has a house party, especially if they have a pool. Skinny-dipping is very popular with my friends and me,” winks our Coed of the Week for July 7, 2005. Frat boys have all fun.