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Coed Girls

Vannessa Jay

June 21, 2012
April 11, 1990
Portland Oregon USA
5' 3"
110 lbs
Take a trip with well-traveled Coed Vannessa Jay. She’s all natural, with warm skin, long brown hair, brown eyes and a strong profile. She’s a business student at Portland State University, but she’s been a lot further around the block than Oregon. “I was born in Paris, France, so I’m a very cultured person,” she says. “Assimilating with a second language and culture made me a strong and confident individual. I love to travel, and I speak French fluently.” She may have lived in the cultural capital of Europe, but Vannessa doesn’t have refined tastes so much as she has good tastebuds. “The food is amazing in Paris, and you don’t need to own a car – you can walk or take the metro,” she says. “But Portland is the next best thing – we have streetcars, trams and the MAX train, and great food carts, coffee shops and local breweries.” When she’s not at school, Vannessa likes to go bar-hopping with the guys, have a bottle of wine with the girls, or stay in with a season of her favorite reality TV series. Vannessa was first featured Playboy TV’s Badass, and she landed a spot on Playboy’s Beach House soon after. “I made Cybergirl of the Week after my TV appearances,” she explains, “and Cybergirl of the Month a year later.” Now she’s back with fresh Coed pictorials for Playboy Plus, and it’s the logical next step for the longtime Playboy fan. “My dad had a subscription, and I used to read his magazines,” she says. “It’s the world’s classiest men’s magazine, and I’ve always wanted to be a part of it. The shoots are so much fun – great clothes, hair and makeup, and it’s really cool to see the final product.” She turns heads wherever she goes, but for now, Vannessa is single – focusing on her studies and a promising career as a model. “In a relationship, you have someone there for you whenever you need them,” she says. “But I’m single, and I can do whatever I want whenever I want to. I don’t have to answer to anyone else.” She’s into guys who are real, open-minded, fun and spontaneous – not the dinner-and-a-movie type. If you really want to get in good with Vannessa, feed her chocolate-covered strawberries and give her a long, generous massage – not necessarily in that order. “Those are the keys to my heart,” she says, laughing.