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Gwen Barker

October 01, 2007
June 23, 1988
Reno NV United States
5' 3"
103 lbs
Cybergirl Gwen Barker has dark blonde hair, brown-green eyes, full lips and natural breasts. Born in Reno, Nevada and raised in Dallas, Texas, she lives in Miami, Florida, where she works as an actress, model, makeup artist and stylist, and plays as a trained scuba diver. Sounds glamorous, but Gwen’s anything but. “I’m a granola child,” she says. “I’m a vegetarian and I believe in karma. Life is short, and that’s how I like to live it.” Gwen is serious about diving, and she wants to travel to dive at the world’s best sites. And not just in the water – she also goes sky diving, and has been known to do backflips out of the plane – a nod to her foundation as a gymnast. “I trained with Olympic gold medalist Shannon Miller in Oklahoma. It was a very serious time in my life. Eventually, I had to choose between the structure of tutoring and gymnastics and the non-structure of public school.” But Gwen has no regrets. “I don’t like too much structure in life,” she says. “I’m a free spirit.” She’s an actress, so it won’t surprise you to know that Gwen raised in the entertainment industry – she had an uncle on Broadway, and another directed three Jim Carrey movies – and she likes to trade industry gossip on set with her friends. “We talk about what show or movie I’ve filmed, who styled what shoot,” she says. You can also find her at the beach, where she goes boating, paddle boarding, and later, out for her favorite Mexican food. She loves deep house music and is a regular at several Miami hot spots. “My favorite spot is the Electric Pickle,” she says. “It’s the best!” There’s no business like show business, so what business does a budding actress have with nude modeling? “My father had a Playboy subscription,” she says. “He hid them in a box in his office, and I would sneak in and look. The women were beautiful, and I wanted to look like them one day. Playboy is very classy, and I wouldn’t pose nude for any other magazine.” And what do Gwen’s love interests think of her pictorial? “They love it,” she says. “I’m a very sexual person, and I prefer to be in a relationship. Having that mutual feeling of trust – that bond – is indescribable." Gwen shares her thoughts on modeling, acting and casual nudity in her Facetime interview.