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Marlene Morrow

Miss April 1974

April 01, 1974
March 15, 1954
Billings Montana USA
5' 8"
125 lbs
Playmate Marlene Morrow was never meant to be a quiet wallflower, but instead, an ambitious beauty with the courage of her famous ancestors. “On my father's side of the family I am related to three presidents—Washington, Madison and Monroe,” proudly states the tall blonde. “My ambition is to be successful with my modeling and to study acting, and to have a nice home with about four children.” At a very young age, our Miss April 1974 was exposed to different cultures and the joys of traveling. Having been born in Billings, Montana, Marlene’s family quickly moved to Osaka, Japan where her father was a baseball player on one of the Japanese teams. When her father’s Japanese career came to an end, he uprooted the family to California where our all-natural Playmate of the Month began to consider her career options. “Believe it or not, up until the time I was 13 I wanted to be a missionary,” recalls Miss Morrow who is certain modeling is her calling now. “Posing is almost instinctive to me at this point. If someone tells me to look sexy with a string of pearls, I know exactly how to do it.” California wasn’t exciting enough for the budding model. The urge to travel and work were too great for her to avoid so our blonde-haired Playmate of the Month moved across the pond to London, England where she could blend the two. “I’d love to see Africa. I love animals and have always wanted to go on a safari. I would visit every country I haven't been to. I've seen ten so far,” states Marlene. “I would also love to meet the Beatles. They have had so much to do with the entire Sixties music revolution and even the fashion trends.” It’s been two years since she moved to London. Along with acquiring a fondness for Englishmen who she says are more her cup of tea than American men, she’s also learned some important life lessons along the way. “My philosophy is to enjoy life as much as I can. I also like to dance, go to pubs and take in the London theatre. But, I make a point never to do the same thing twice in a row—well, almost never,” explains our Miss April 1974. “I’m a Pisces which means I’m a terribly disorganized person. I try not to plan for the future. I like to play things by ear.” What’s next on the free spirit’s agenda? “With my Playmate fee, I plan to settle myself in an apartment in Los Angeles and enroll in acting and dance school,” explains an excited Marlene. “Someday, I'd like to buy a trailer and just travel around the world for a whole year. Is that crazy?” Not to us, Marlene.