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Sharon Cintron

Miss May 1963

May 30, 1963
January 16, 1945
Perth Amboy NJ USA
5' 4"
110 lbs
Sharon Cintron is a receptionist at a law office who attends night school at UCLA where she studies applied psychology. “My program is fascinating, sort of do-it-yourself psychoanalysis. But, I don't take it too seriously. I'm too much of a nut on romance to believe that human behavior can be equated with Pavlov and his dogs. I'd rather believe in love at first sight than instinctual motor responses,” explains the petite blonde. “Besides psychology, I'm interested in art and in yoga. Good painting has always flipped me. I like portraits best, probably because I like people. The yoga bit is recent. I haven't achieved spiritual well-being from it yet—just a sore neck. But, I'm still game. It keeps a girl loose so I’m all for it.” From yoga to food, our all-natural Playmate of the Month will try anything once because you never know what you’ll enjoy until you try it, especially with food. “I love all types of exotic foods. I love all foods, but most especially Japanese dishes. I go wild over sashimi -- that's raw fish, but never mind, it has a lovely taste,” explains our busty Miss May 1963. “I’ve never pretended to be much of a whiz at housekeeping, but how I love to cook! Almost, that is, as much as I love to eat. The way to a man’s heart is supposed to be through his stomach—and I believe it’s true. Fellows may ignore my perfume, but one whiff of my marinara sauce and zap! I’m surrounded!” Surrounded by admirers in Hollywood, the beautiful blonde who is originally from Perth Amboy, New Jersey is often approached by men who would love to see her on the big screen even though she has other things in mind at the moment. “I want to be a hair stylist because I like styling hair. And the money is good. Why try to be a starlet and starve?” she said to us when we first met. Since then, her opinion has changed. Having acted on the television series Baretta in a recurring role along with guest starring in episodes of Get Smart, The Monkees and Quincy, Sharon says she’s appreciated every opportunity that has come her way, but she’s still waiting for the role of wife to come along. “The thing I want most from life is love,” says Sharon Cintron. “Money is nice, of course—but it can’t hold my hand.”