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Amanda Corey

October 27, 2010
November 08, 1984
Tucson AZ United States
5' 0"
98 lbs
“Usually people see a pretty face and think ‘slutty’ or ‘skanky’ but I’m a goofball,” admits very petite Amanda Corey. “I can be slutty or skanky but in a good way.” Blonde-haired, green-eyed Amanda came to Playboy from Tucson, Arizona. The all-natural beauty is very bubbly and extremely friendly –which is why she makes the best interviewer for Playboy All-Naturals segments. “I'm a great friend and a great listener,” says our Cybergirl of the Week for November 13, 2006. “I'd like a career as a marriage and sex therapist, so if you have a problem, talk to me!” The five-foot tall model is a psychology graduate from the University of Arizona. She knows what women want and what one thing could help any relationship survive –spicing up sexy time. “One time, I was horseback riding and asked the guide if I could ride nude. I was with my boyfriend at the time and it was just us. But he wouldn’t let me,” admits Amanda. If only the guide knew he would have witnessed a Lady Godiva moment from thanks to a Playboy model.